Printing Inks & Coatings


LioChem is a world leader in the production of printing inks and coatings. Used primarily in gravure printing of furniture laminates, construction materials, and films, these solvent-based and water-based inks are manufactured according to Toyo Ink's proprietary technology. As is all our processes, an exclusive formulation technology ensures that excellent printability is balanced with environmental responsibility and compliance.


Water and solvent based inks and top coats. Both conventional drying and electron beam curing technology.

  • One hundred years of proven reliable formulation assures the highest quality and most advanced coatings available today.
  • Reasonable priced with easy blending materials for the finest and most competitive prints possible.


Water-based and solvent-based inks

Urethane, acrylic, and proprietary coatings


  • Furniture laminates
  • Construction materials
  • Films

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