Plastic Colorants


Masterbatch, colored pellets, and pigment dispersions are manufactured to exacting standards. Toyo Ink's "super dispersion" technology provides much better lot to lot consistency and higher pigment loadings than conventional methods. This means lower usage ratios, better stability, and improved part uniformity. FDA, CONEG, and NHM compliance products are readily available.


  • Consistency (part to part)
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Compliance w/ Environmental, Health, & Safety Regulations
  • Excellent Cost Performance Products
  • Excellent Dispersion & Consistency
  • Rapid Color Matching and Ramp Up


  • Masterbatch - Pellets (LEM, LPM)
  • Pigment dispersions - Powder (AGD, LED, LWF)
  • Colored compound - Pellets


  • Automotive interior, bumper & facia
  • Food, beverage & medical packaging
  • Computer, printer and copier casing

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