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LioChem is seeking an experienced plastic colorant sales representative in the southeastern US.  


This position will be responsible for growing and maintaining LioChem's sales and customer relationships in the designated area.  Some of the responsibilities include:

1)   Preparing customer ready presentations (commercial and technical) including but not limited to company/product introduction, precolor conversions, quotations, technical reports, etc.

2)   Working with sales staff in preparation forecasts and budgets, marketing materials, coordinated sales efforts, customer meetings, reporting opportunities and efforts, and other relevant interactions. 

3)   Collecting complete information and properly distributing customer requirements to enable total customer satisfication in the output and service of LioChem

4)   Visiting customers as required. 



1)   Knowledge of plastics molding, markets, and target customers.

2)   Highly organized, self-motivated, and disciplined in start-to-finish projects

3)   Bachelor’s degree in a relevant area preferred (engineering, sales, business, etc)

4)   Ability to travel routinely within the region

5)   Strong computer and communication skills

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